If you’ve already bought a transmitter, whether you’re coming from simulator flying or other areas, a Bind-N-Fly (BNF) or Plug-N-Play (PNP) might be the best option for you! BNF or PNP are great options for new and experienced FPV pilots, for new pilots the simplicity of BNF and PNP allows for new pilots to get a basic understanding of the components and setup behind FPV without all the stress and time that a full build would require. If you’re looking for a well setup and versatile quad there are a range of options they will suit your specific quad needs.

The Emax TinyHawk II is possibly one the best quad for new pilots ever made. It features a Betaflight configurable AIO F4 Flight controller, with motors that can pack a real punch. The TinyHawk 2 is a great package, it can cop an absolute beating, you would be really hard-pressed to destroy this quad. The build quality is impressive and the flight characteristics are there to match that, and with a configurable flight controller it allows for casual cruising around the house in angle mode, or for experienced pilots, a powerful indoor racer. The TinyHawk 2 really is great for everyone.

The Emax TinyHawk III is a fantastic little quadcopter for new pilots. The AIO (All in one) F4 Flight Controller sports the latest Betaflight major release with a smooth base tune, motors that have some zip when you give the throttle a little punch you will not be dissapointed. The TinyHawk III can take some real abuse and you will have a hard time breaking this model. With plug and play style setup for motors there’s no need for any soldering if you ever need to replace one and we’re yet to break any props. The outer frame does a great job protecting the quad and its small and light enough to fly indoors without being a hazard. Get started today with your first indoor racer and join the fun.

Introducing the NanoHawk, weighing in at just 20 grams the NanoHawk offers unmatched control and flight recovery. Giving the pilot full control of the aircraft for any maneuvers. Small and light enough to fly anywhere without any cause for concern you could take a head on from on of these and laugh it off. Chase the cat and kids around the house with this little bundle of fun. Perfect for beginners chasing a more budget option that you’ll still fly on rainy days for ages after you graduate to something bigger.

The NewBeeDrone AcroBee65 BLV3 BNF is a fun little 65mm 1S-2S compatible drone with a built in FrSky compatible Diversity SPI Receiver for extra range and reliability. With a beefy new vtx output from 25mW-120mW and only 23 grams without a battery. This little drone will fly faster and further than some of its entry level micro cousins on the market. With a frame shell designed to replicate a cockroach, you’ll find this frame durable and able to withstand a fair amount of carnage flying around the house. Perfect for rainy days inside and fun to race around the back yard with 2S lipos on calm days.

Note: Requires FrSky compatible radio transmitter

The all new BabyHawk 2 HD really proves that it’s not about size but about how you use it, for a 3.5″ it really packs a punch! Coming with a Caddx Vista and Nebula Pro, the BabyHawk 2 offers some great video quality too allowing for proximity freestyle in more bushy hard to navigate environments. Possibly the best characteristic of the BabyHawk 2 is that it weighs in under 250g making it free from much of the otherwise restrictive drone legislation. If you’re looking for something small but as capable, if not more capable than many 5″ quads on offer in the BNF market the BabyHawk 2 is for you.

The BetaFPV Beta95x V3 is a great BNF for those aspiring video creators. BetaFPV has built a versatile platform with easy mounting for naked GoPros or 360 degree cameras. At 99g the Beta95x is a impressively lightweight battery, and for those looking to use the 95x as a freestyle indoor quad it will certainly impress, especially when you consider its 4s capability.

The iFlight Nazgul V2 is a great intermediate 5 inch package. The Nazgul offers some impressive specifications, coming with some pretty high quality components often not seen in BNF builds. Offering a Caddx Ratel, XING-E 2207 motors (4S and 6S options available), a SucceX-E F4 FC, a SucceX Force 800mW VTX and a 45A BLHeli_S 4 in 1 ESC, which when combined offer a really solid freestyle quad. iFlight has set out to make the DIY job easier, generally when manufacturers do this they end up with a unreliable, short-cutted mess. The Nazgul has been the polar opposite to that, even coming in a 6S option! If you’re looking to buy a fresh new 5 inch quad the Nazgul is for you.