FPV acronyms. Learn our Lingo.

FPV – First Person View. Kind of like experiencing a star wars tie fighter. We attach a camera to the front of the drone and that image is relayed to goggles attached to our head in real time. It is not “virtual reality”, – In FPV you can only see 120-160 degrees in front of the drone in its travelling direction.

Quad Package Terms

ARF – Almost Ready to Fly – Not a term really used anymore but you may see it on some chinese websites. It means you usually need to buy a camera and receiver and will never include battery, charger, or remote control.
PNP – Plug & Play – You need to buy a receiver, install it and set it up via software. It does not include battery, charger, or remote control.
BNF – Bind & Fly – It includes a receiver, so you need to bind it to your radio, same as PNP but includes receiver installed. It does not include battery, charger, or remote control.
RTF – Ready to Fly – Usually this means this includes everything you need. It includes receiver, battery, charger, remote control and sometimes some goggles. However you need to read the listing carefully as not all manufacturers include the same components in their RTF term.

FPV Antennas

RHCP – Right Hand Circulised Polarised. This describes the way the antenna propigates it frequency waves. So these antennas propergate right, and as such you need your transmission and receiving antennas the same. As someone new to FPV this is the option you should choose. Make sure all your gear is RHCP. You can not mix the two as they are designed to reject the signal from the other.
LHCP – Left Hand Circulised Polarised. Read RHCP for more info.
SMA – The standard connection antennas that connect to Video Transmitters.
RP-SMA – Many Chinese Drone kits include the reverse, and as such you will find it difficult to find RPSMA antennas if your one breaks.

Quad Components

FC – Flight Controller. This is essentially the brain of the quad. It is responsible for taking input from all other components, processing them and sending them back out to their respective components. A good flight controller is essential for smooth flights, and proper connectivity over video and control link.
ESC – Electronic Speed Controller. The ESC is responsible for taking inputs from the Flight Controller and processing them into pulses which then control the motors speed. For any brushless quad ESCs are necessary for the motors to work as intended.
VTX – Video Transmitter. Video Transmitters are responsible for taking the video signal from the camera in the drone and sending them out via radio signal for the Video receiver in your goggles to receive and display.
RX – Receiver. The Receiver is responsible for connecting to your Transmitter (Controller), it then connects into your Flight Controller for it to process and control the drone as intended.

Other Terms – Coming soon

U.FL Connector. The U.FL connector is a type of antenna connection, it is the smallest and traditionally the more common style and looks like this:


BF – Betaflight


TX – Transmitter. The Transmitter is known by many names, controller, remote. A good transmitter is essential for a good flying experience,

Heard of some lingo that we dont mention? Contact us and we will add it to the list!